Growing Wilder

Growing Wilder, a moving photo story of our pregnancy.

While I was pregnant with Wilder, Jerry and I would spend about 30 minutes each week taking photos of my growing belly.  Some days it was fun, some days it was the last thing I wanted to do (especially if it meant I had to 1.) smile or 2.) try to look even remotely presentable). Accolades to Jerry, he knew this was an important project to me and took some serious eye rolls and abuse in helping me get it done.  While I had a loose idea in my head of what I wanted it to be, I more just had a desire to document my changing body.  Pregnancy for me was a beautiful mess.  The hormones.  The discomfort.  But also the kicking feet.  The growing life.  It’s a full on transformation that is at once the coolest and hardest thing I’ve ever experienced.  During this time Jerry was also keeping journals where he would record some of what our days and weeks looked like, as a sort of time capsule for our son.  With those words and the photos we made, we put together a story.  I didn’t edit the photos – some days were laughter, some were tears.  And that is just part of the story.