My Approach

I want your images to tell a story that is all your own. Not just the story of your day, but the story of your love. How he can calm you down by grabbing your hand just so, how you shake your leg just a little bit when you’re trying not to cry.  All of the big, grand first-kiss moments, of course – but even more importantly all of beautiful in-between moments that you will share.  The ones that you don’t think anyone else is watching. The ones that could never be mimicked or posed because they belong to the two of you. That’s the story I want to tell.

My style is a mix of artistic portraits and genuine, candid moments that work together to tell the story of your wedding day.

I want to get to know the two of you and hear about what makes your heart beat for one another. I will ask a lot of questions, I will do a lot of listening. I work best when my clients feel at ease with me and can truly be themselves. My ideal client takes photography seriously and wants to capture the real and raw emotion that belongs to them, not to the latest viral couple on Pinterest.

Anna Jones authentic wedding experience

Booking your date

I am flexible and have a range of packages that suit a variety of needs and budgets. I can also create a custom package upon request. Shoot me a message and let's chat. I'd love to hear more about you two and your big day - it can be over coffee, wine, Skype, or FaceTime.


Destination Weddings

I love traveling and am thrilled to document your story anywhere in the world. Shoot me a message with the details of your day and I will put together a custom package that is right for the two you.

What are your rates?

Wedding commissions begin at $4000 and engagement/day after sessions are $800. Elopement coverage begins at $1500. Please send me a message or give me a call for a complete pricing sheet.

Do you bring a second shooter?

I generally work alone - I'd say 90% of the weddings on my site were solo projects. That being said, I certainly can! Adding a second photographer is a $500 a la carte option.

Are all images edited?

Absolutely, it's very important to me that everything is presented cohesively and this is an integral part of the process.

How many images do we get?

Wedding packages have a minimum of 400 (but generally more).

What do you shoot with? What is in your camera bag?

I shoot primarily with Canon gear. I have a few 5d Mark IVs and an EOS R. I have a digital Leica M and a Leica Q that I use from time to time. When I need flash, it's a Profoto A1. I have backup, and backup for my backup : )

Do you use film cameras?

Yes, I learned on film and have a ton of film cameras. I love them, but I don't generally use them on your wedding day. If you have a specific need or project in mind please let me know and we can chat.

Are you insured?


Can we meet?

I'd love to! I find that it's the best way for us to learn more about one another. If you're not in town, no problem! That's why Skype and FaceTime exist, right?