How a family photo shoot typically goes (featuring the Becks)

I’ve had people ask me how I am able to capture moments as I do.  This is always a compliment, and I am continuously flattered by such inquiries.  While I am not sure I can answer that question, I do think it helps that I am generally fascinated by interactions of all kinds.  Below is an example of a typical family photo shoot for me, outtake style.  I say “outtake style” because these are not the images that would be recommended to show a client in a photo sales 101 seminar, as there are many others with smiles and kisses and laughs.  And they will see those too.  But these are always my favorites – maybe because I came from a large chaotic family and it’s what I view as “real” – or maybe it’s because they are the ones that can break up an editing session with ear to ear grins on my face.  So, for your viewing pleasure, what is really going on behind the scenes…

Below is a pretty hush-hush trick of mine called “you can touch my camera if you just look at me and smile ONE. TIME.  I mean it’s insured.

Note to my insurance agent:  Ha. Ha?

Here we are trying to employ a “distraction method”.  It went something like “Hey Beau – don’t run away – what’s that up there?”

Note to photographers:  Don’t say “oh man, maybe it’s a snake!” as it may have the opposite effect – I learned that the hard way.

Here Beau is throwing leaves while Brady is throwing up leaves.  It’s an interesting dynamic.

I shall call this “Mom’s soooo sad.  Don’t you think she needs a kiss…?”

This one actually worked.  Score :)

Okay, back to the photo shoot…


Thank you Becks, you are the greatest guinea pigs for all of my blogging needs :)  Love ya.